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Empowering users to securely connect their approved health data to apps

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Securely transmit only user-approved health data

Bluefield’s APIs are designed with privacy in mind. Rather than transmitting all data contained in a user’s health account, our technology only provides the exact data that is being requested.

For added security, users must give the final approval. This allows developers to build solutions that only transmit user-approved health data—no more, no less.

We help users make the most of their health data—securely and privately

People have a right to control their health information when using apps. That’s why Bluefield’s healthcare APIs have privacy built in by design.

Our convenient pool of health data allows third parties to securely pull the information they need in seconds. After the user approves the request, only the approved health information is sent, not the entire medical history.

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The simple way to connect user-approved health data to hundreds of apps

Bluefield offers a full suite of APIs that help developers build secure, digital healthcare solutions.

With our technology, users can connect their health accounts to their favorite apps, while choosing and approving the exact data that is shared.

Our products offer streamlined interfaces, intuitive user journeys, and most importantly: built-in privacy.

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