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We help users make the most of their health data—securely and privately

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About Us
Creating user-centric healthcare information flows

Bluefield’s technology puts users in control when connecting their sensitive medical information to the apps they love. We’ve developed a full suite of APIs that allow developers to create user-centric flows of healthcare information.

What’s the story behind the name? Bluefield represents the combination of both brownfield and greenfield projects, where some streams of information are already in motion and some will be new forms of technology.

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The easiest way to connect private health accounts to apps

Bluefield makes it easy to connect user-approved health data to apps:

1. Select
User selects a health services provider.

2. Approve
Shared health information is approved by the user.

3. Connect
User connects to the app and makes the most of their health data.

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Ready to get started?

Bluefield offers a full suite of APIs that help developers build secure, digital healthcare solutions.

With our technology, users can connect their health accounts to their favorite apps, while choosing and approving the exact data that is shared.

Our products offer streamlined interfaces, intuitive user journeys, and most importantly: built-in privacy.